Scams By Hackers – Computer Users In Danger

Web scams have started to become prominent in Idaho. The scammers have become so persistent that they are able to access a person’s computer through remote access and have the capability of even shutting it down, even while they are located miles apart.

Quite recently they have started to target owners using Window based computers or non apple computers. A person calls in pretending to be from Microsoft help desk and claims to be a Microsoft Certified. However, such a thing never exists.

One of the computer consultants Mr. Monte McCall has recently received many calls from his customers complaining scam. The hacker provides a name of software to be downloaded over a call. The hacker is able to get a remote access to the person’s computer once this software is downloaded.

The hacker later instructs the user and takes through various steps by stating an error. In this process convince the users about their computers containing virus. There have been instances where the hacker has even informed the customer about their computer sending messages to them and hence infected by virus, which was in fact caused by the hacker.

Residents in Idaho have been receiving such calls quite recently. Their computers are open to a program which is known as Error Log. This could affect a system internally and could happen even in case of a brand new computer.

After all these have happened, all they do is, transfer your call to another technician and this person would sell you a new antivirus software package for two hundred and fifty dollars.

However, when you receive such a call, all you need to do is, try to disabling the remote system, if not restart your computer. One fact that was found out was that the anti-virus that these hackers were trying to sell is the Microsoft Freeware. This is can be got online at no cast involved. The Better Business Bureau has been informed about this scam. Hence anyone can call 342-4649 and report about the scammers.

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