Phone Scams Warning From MidAmerican Energy

One of the energy companies known as the MidAmerican, which most of us are aware of has warned its customers about phone scams. This has happened in Iowa quite recently.

The company has reverted to many scams that have involved people who have called their customers and have claimed to be customer services associates from the company. During the call the associate states about a payment being due and warns about the service being disconnect incase of non-payment of the bills. In order to make the payment the artist takes details about the customer’s credit card or information related towards wire transfers and making payments through the western union. In many occasions artists have a hinted point about reducing the monthly bill of the customer, if the customer provides his account information.

This has been noted by many customers today. Customers have also pointed out that when a scam artist calls, their numbers portray as 302-400-9735, however, this is not the MidAmerican Company’s number which they claim it to be. Hence it has to be brought to the attention of the people that any such calls need to be brought to the attention of the law enforced.

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